Dr. Nice

#4 Lose Feathers

Movie Cycle

He is a surgical genius with an edgy character.
Dr. Neiss and Charlie administer first aid when a man collapses outside the practice. At the hospital, it turns out that the patient is Dr. Schmidtke's father-in-law. Schmidtke does everything he can to help his father-in-law and shine. When nothing helps, his wife Jana contacts Dr. Neiss. Interestingly, the two had an affair during their studies - or so Schmidtke believes. Which doesn't help the situation. Dr. Schmidtke's alarm bells start ringing. He is finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on his work and not succumb to his eternal inferiority complex against his old rival, who now seems to be shining even in front of his wife and parents-in-law. And indeed, Nice is once again one step ahead of him and finally gets to the bottom of the medical mystery: Pössmann has a rare allergy known as avian lung disease. It turns out that Pössmann's stays in Denmark have a completely different reason than he claims. He has - with his wife's knowledge - a relationship with a Danish estate agent. She lives next door to a goose farmer and has allergenic goose down in her comforter, which almost causes Pössmann's lungs to collapse. In the end, Dr. Schmidtke has to admit that his jealousy was pure projection and that his parents-in-law are way ahead of him when it comes to love and relationships. Nice, on the other hand, finally settles the renewed conflict with his daughter and Charlie, whom he had offended in a moment of depression. He also gets closer to hotel owner Janne - despite their mutual assurances that they don't want to get into a relationship. When one of his fingers suddenly twitches unexpectedly at the end, Nice can't believe his luck. Was it all just a bad dream? Will he soon be able to return to his old life after all?
Movie Cycle
First run
April 20 streaming
Thorsten Ritsch
ZDF Studios
Patrick Kalupa
Josefine Preuß
Maximilian Grill
Brigitte Zeh
Bruno F. Apitz
Idil Üner
Hedi Kriegeskotte
Maj Borchardt
Ben Ole Knobbe
Teresa Rizos
Michele Oliveri
Claudia Rieschel
Birte Berg
Marc Zwinz
Karsten Kramer
Rüdiger Dambroth
Uke Bosse
Gregor Knop
René Richter
production design
Björn Nowak
Costume Design
Anne Jendritzko
Svenja Baumgärtner
Martina Eisenreich
Karen Wendland
Elke Rössler
Creative Producer
Sibylle Illner
Executive producer
Stefan Raiser
Thorsten M. Schmidt