Dr. Nice

#3 Sweet Lies

Movie Cycle

He is a surgical genius with an edgy character
In order to get his license as a family doctor, Dr. Nice has to complete an internship with his favourite enemy, Dr. Schmidtke. Fortunately, a difficult case promises a distraction. Andrea Wellenbrink is preparing for her wedding to her fiancé Marcus when she is struck by mysterious symptoms of paralysis. At the hospital, however, Dr. Schmidtke fails to find the cause of the paralysis, which brings Neiss onto the scene. He feverishly pursues a trail that leads him to believe first in food poisoning and then in an involuntary overdose, in which Andrea's stepdaughter Pia seems to play a role. But could there also be a psychosomatic cause behind it? Because as it turns out, Andrea is anything but convinced about her impending marriage to Marcus. She suffers even more from the insecurity she carries around with her than from the mysterious paralysis in her arms and face. Meanwhile Nice, who still believes that his stiff hand will be cured, is struggling with the fact that his daughter Lea wants to go abroad. This also leads to an argument with Lea's mother, his medical assistant Charlie. He also has a crush on Janne, the hotel manager, but she is reluctant to get involved in a relationship with him. Unable to deal with his numerous emotional issues, Nice becomes obsessed with his medical problem and crosses ethical and medical boundaries to solve the mystery of Andrea's illness. Nice finally gets over himself to confess to his daughter Lea that he only stays in this strange place because of her, which is so different from anything he has ever known and has turned his entire life upside down. But sometimes, Nice realizes in the end, life is simply better upside down.
Movie Cycle
First run
April 20 streaming
Thorsten Ritsch
ZDF Studios
Patrick Kalupa
Josefine Preuß
Maximilian Grill
Brigitte Zeh
Bruno F. Apitz
Idil Üner
Hedi Kriegeskotte
Maj Borchert
Ben Ole Knobbe
Anja Antonowicz
Benjamin Kramme
Nele Richter
Marc Zwinz
Bettina Hoppe
René Richter
production design
Björn Nowak
Costume Design
Anne Jendritzko
Andreas Althoff, Patricia Testor
Martina Eisenreich
Karen Wendland
Simon X. Rost
Creative Producer
Sibylle Illner
Executive producer
Stefan Raiser
Thorsten M. Schmidt