Simon Buchner
While studying at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, he received the student producer award for his film "Live Stream". Other student productions were shown worldwide at film festivals, such as the German Films Rolle in Cannes and the Berlinale. During his studies at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, UFA CEO Nico Hofmann was one of his personal project mentors. In parallel, he worked with director Tomy Wigand on various screenplay developments. He then worked for TV and cinema productions from 2012 as a permanent producer for Ziegler Film GmbH, alongside producer Regina Ziegler. Various productions achieved major TV ratings in 2013, 2014 and 2015, including the TV series "Lena Lorenz" or the ZDF thriller "The Village of Murderers". With director Marc Rothemund, he produced the bestseller "My Blind Date with Life" for Ziegler Film 2016. The feature film ultimately reached over 800,000 viewers at the German box office and was sold in many countries worldwide. In 2017 he founded the production company GmbH. Since then, the debut cinema feature film "The Story of the Debris Girl Charlotte Schumann", the animated children's film "Latte Igel und der Wasserstein" and the cinema documentary "Near and Elsewhere" have been produced with this label. All productions were shown in German cinemas and presented at various festivals in Germany and abroad. Between December 2021 and November 2022, he was a producer for Gaumont GmbH for the series "Die Wespe", 12 episodes (seasons 2 & 3) for Sky Studios, premiering on Sky in December 2022, with successful ratings. Simon is a guest lecturer at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy.