Ella Schoen

Side jumps

Movie Cycle

Things are going haywire for Ella Schön on Fischland - a decision is pending that will turn the life of the unusual lawyer with Asperger's autism upside down.
A supposedly banal case involving the revocation of Mayor Lüttjens' driver's license turns into a tangible marital drama in which Ella needs more than just legal tact. Because Ulla Lüttjens is kicked out by her husband, she moves in with Ella and Christina without further ado, and soon the sparks fly - because Ella has a hard time dealing with the strong-minded roommate. But when she uncovers Ulla's secret, the two unusual women pull together and become not only a team, but real friends. Christina, on the other hand, gets an offer to open a café in Berlin. Since her son Ben already lives nearby and a change of scenery would be most welcome after the emotional roller coaster of the past months, Christina seriously considers leaving her beloved Fischland and setting off for new shores. But not everyone in the family is enthusiastic about her idea. Soon doubts and remorse set in; Christina doesn't know where her head is. Ella's love life is also not quite at peace. The relationship with Arndt Engler seems to have failed, but Ella once again puts all her eggs in one basket and dares to take a courageous step by her standards: on a surfboard. When Ella is suddenly offered an interesting job from an unexpected source, she is suddenly the one who must decide whether and how her life on the idyllic peninsula on the Baltic Sea should continue. The unusual family of Ella and Christina is once again challenged by fate, and the friends must prove that their trust and mutual love are great enough to let the other go his or her very own way.
Movie Cycle
First run
Corinna Marx
Annette Frier
Julia Richter
Oscar Brose
Zora Müller
Gisa Falke
Lina Wendel
Reiner Schöne
Rainer Reiners
Josef Heynert
Tanja Schleiff
Marc Ben Puch
Sigfried Terpoorten
Oliver Stein
Konstantin Kröning
production design
Anke Osterloh
Costume Design
Anne Jendritzko
Torsten Lenz
Martina Eisenreich
Simon X. Rost
Creative Producer
Sibylle Illner
Executive producer
Stefan Raiser
Holger Haase