Dr. Nice

#6 Heartflutter

Movie Cycle

He is a surgical genius with an edgy character....
Village cab driver Horst Niebel suffers from a strange fatigue syndrome: the man keeps falling asleep - irresponsible for his job. Nice sends him to the sleep laboratory at the Förde Hospital for a check-up. Nice soon ends up there - in the same fully occupied multi-bed room - because on the very day he is about to start his first working day as the new attending physician in Flensburg, he falls off his bike and falls on his right hand. Moritz is reluctantly persuaded to stay at the clinic to rest his head and his broken elbow. Now, of all times, an old acquaintance turns up in the village. Medical journalist Nikki Steiner writes for a renowned American journal. Thanks to the social media video that Lea uploaded of Nice, she was able to track down his whereabouts. It seems that the entire medical world is curiously wondering whether Nice will actually return to the operating table. The chances of this are not bad at all, as Schmidtke can see from a fresh X-ray. But dark clouds are gathering again in Nice's mental world, causing Moritz to offend his greatest adversary. He also alienates half the village and everyone who loves him with his mood swings. Instead, he becomes increasingly obsessed with finding the cause of his cab driver's suffering, whose condition continues to deteriorate. As far as his hand is concerned, Moritz manages to jump over his shadow. He agrees to let Schmidtke operate on him. But then the operation goes very differently than planned.
Movie Cycle
First run
April 20 streaming
Thorsten Ritsch
ZDF Studios
Patrick Kalupa
Josefine Preuß
Maximilian Grill
Brigitte Zeh
Bruno F. Apitz
Idil Üner
Hedi Kriegeskotte
Maj Borchert
Ben Ole Knobbe
Leonie Parusel
Marc Zwinz
René Richter
production design
Björn Nowak
Costume Design
Anne Jendritzko
Martin Rahner
Martina Eisenreich
Karen Wendland
Elke Rössler, Michel Birbæk
Creative Producer
Sibylle Illner
Executive producer
Stefan Raiser
Christian Theede