Dr. Nice

#5 Broken Hearts

Movie Cycle

He is a surgical genius with an edgy character....
Charlie wants Nice and daughter Lea to get to know each other a little better and sends them on a spinfishing workshop with Hartmut's niece Mimi Pedderssen. During the boat trip, she is hit in the face with a fishing hook and a piece of her nose is torn off. She has to undergo emergency surgery at Flensburg Fjord Hospital. Nice, an eyewitness to the accident, offers his services as a specialist in reconstructive surgery. Together with head physician Dr. Schmidtke and surgeon Dr. Birol, Nice is finally in the operating room - and the operation is a success. A great experience for Moritz, which gives him hope that he will soon be able to work in this clinic again. After all, he assumes that his fingers will soon be fully functional again. But there are other hurdles - of a family nature: Mimi was supposed to meet her daughter Fenja again after five years. The now six-year-old grew up with her father - due to her mother's addiction to medication. However, it only becomes clear that she is still in the middle of a custody battle when her ex-husband Jesko gets into a fight with Hartmut in hospital, which Nice accidentally gets involved in. Mimi is at a loss and desperate. Hartmut asks Nice to mediate and arrange a meeting at which he, as a doctor, is to moderate the reunion between mother and daughter. But Nice has reservations: if the restored nose is to heal properly and no disfiguring scars are to remain, Mimi must not move her face, laugh, cry or even speak. Nice cancels the meeting - much to the disappointment of everyone involved. Things are also going badly for Moritz medically: the hoped-for spontaneous healing of his fingers does not materialize. Nice becomes increasingly embroiled in an amorous feud with hotel owner Janne over the renovation and extension of his hotel room. A short time later, Mimi collapses with a life-threatening heart failure. Dr. Schmidtke and his team puzzle over what is causing the patient's heart to weaken. Once again, it is Dr. Nice who saves her. And the clinic management rewards him with a promotion.
Movie Cycle
First run
April 20 streaming
Thorsten Ritsch
ZDF Studios
Patrick Kalupa
Josefine Preuß
Maximilian Grill
Brigitte Zeh
Bruno F. Apitz
Idil Üner
Hedi Kriegeskotte
Maj Borchert
Ben Ole Knobbe
Lea Freund
Cecil von Renner
René Richter
production design
Björn Nowak
Costume Design
Anne Jendritzko
Andreas Althoff, Patricia Testor
Martina Eisenreich
Karen Wendland
Elke Rössler
Creative Producer
Sibylle Illner
Executive producer
Stefan Raiser
Thorsten M. Schmidt